Purchase of building ground

Purchase of building ground

We are constantly seeking suitable building ground in attractive locations in Germany and Switzerland. As land owners our clients profit from a quick and uncomplicated execution of the sales process and.

MSL Real Estate offers the following services and benefits:
  • Immediate settlement of the selling price
  • Exchange of your building ground for development of property or alternative real estate objects
  • We assume the liability for premises such as cleaning roads from snow and ice, etc.
  • We take care of the demolition of existing buildings and disposal of material and loose objects
Finder’s fee

If you know someone who intends to sell his or her property then contact us. We are more than happy to compensate your effort with a fair finder’s fee!

You are eligible to receive a finder’s fee if you provide us with information regarding the seller, respectively the building ground, in writing and we are able to generate a transaction fee. You are only eligible to receive a finder’s fee if the provided information is new to us and we have not been aware of the potential sale in advance. The following information is required to be sent to us in writing:

  • Your personal information
  • The seller’s contact details
  • Information on the respective property

Please contact us by phone, via mail, e-mail or using the following contact request form. We will check the information immediately. In case we are not already aware of the property we will verify your claim in writing.

Please note that we do not pay a finder’s fee for properties that are known to us.

We will treat your information confidentially and will not disclose your name to the seller, if necessary. The finder’s fee includes 19% VAT. and is paid out upon signing of a notarized sales and purchase agreement.