Market research

Market research

Based on our market expertise and extensive analysis of the prevailing economic and political environment we constantly prospect for the most promising real estate markets with respect to historical, current and future market growth.

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For the recent past, Germany has proven not only to be a save heaven for financial assets but more so for fixed assets, most of all commercial and residential real estate. Due to its leading role in the European Union Germany is attracting financial inflows from various international investors.

The following links provide further information that underlines the positive development in the German real estate market.

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After a sharp decline in real estate prices, both within the residential and commercial sector, the Spanish market started to recover from 2013 onwards. Due to an improving economic environment in Europe currently, all major business spot as well as many sought after vacation areas are experiencing considerable growth in real estate prices. In order to participate in this development we offer investors various types of real estate investment opportunities in the most sought after vacation spots in Spain, such as Marbella, Mallorca and Gibraltar.


The most recent lift of the currency cap by the Swiss National Bank underlines the enormous capital inflows into the Swiss market and an appreciation of the Swiss currency as a result. Especially the growth in real estate prices has gained momentum and attracts more and more investors from all over the world. Therefore, acquisitions of Swiss real estate are seen as save and profitable opportunities to invest available capital.

Information on the Swiss construction and real estate markets, Wüest & Partner


The real estate market in Australia has been one of the best performing markets globally and currently is continuing to exhibit strong growth. We want our clients not to miss this outstanding investment opportunities in Australia and to benefit from this development. The following links provide further information on the most recent development in the global real estate markets.

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